Dr Belinda Feldman

Dr Belinda Feldman graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Dental Science (with Honours) at the University of Melbourne. She commenced general dental practice in Melbourne and Torquay, where she also lived with family and friends for a brief time, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle afforded by the Victorian surf coast. At the end of 2006, she returned to her Melbourne home, joining a busy family and paediatric specialist practice where she worked until 2018.

Dr Feldman’s lifelong passions for both the fine arts and helping people found its professional outlet in the artistry of dentistry and the delivery of high-quality dental care early on in her career. She has undertaken extensive clinical training in aesthetic and complex restorative dentistry and, more recently, 3D digital smile design.

Her aspiration to work with a dental team that shared her professional values and goals has finally led her to our team of dental practices in November 2018, where multidisciplinary treatment planning and the delivery of predictable and successful aesthetic dental outcomes can be realised at the highest level.

Dr Feldman’s calm and open manner and her serious approach to her profession result in her patients feeling relaxed and confident when in her care.