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Who We Are


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Welcome to BEC Dental

We are a group of  high-quality dental practices with a passion for the best results dentistry can offer. We are uncompromised by health fund pressures, and uncompromising in the time, skills, techniques, and materials it takes to create long lasting dental results for each one of our patients.

At BEC Dental is what’s behind the smile that counts

  • We take the time to get it right for you, no matter what the procedure.
  • We address the cause before recommending treatment options.
  • We give you individualised treatment plans to suit your needs, not ours.
  • We only offer treatment which we would give our own family members.
  • We offer access to advanced treatments as you need them.
  • We seek and employ passionate clinicians at the top of their profession.
  • We keep skilled and up to date with the most effective dental procedures, including smile enhancements.
  • We source and use the best materials, equipment and laboratories.

The BEC Dental Difference

Not every dental practice is the same. There is a difference, and this will show in how long dental treatments last, and that depends on many things that go unseen by the patient.

The training and expertise of clinicians, the time allowed for planning, preparing, and crafting, the standard of laboratory work, quality of materials, technology, and equipment – all count to create longer lasting dental results.

Simply put, we love what we do and refuse to compromise our standards because in the long run, it is not worth it.  We don’t take shortcuts; we take the time to get it right by addressing the cause before performing the treatment.